“The Women’s Trial Boot Camp was a special experience. It provided a safe and nurturing environment to explore issues particular to women lawyers.”
Linda Nakamura, Arcadia, CA

“If you struggle with giving shape, dimension, and order to your case story, I recommend the Story workshop for improvement in that goal.”
Maurice Abarr, Santa Ana, CA

“This training is a must for any woman attorney who is serious about improving her communication and litigation skills.”
Carol Baidas, Arcadia, CA

“Joane, Fredi and Mary are outstanding instructors who created and implemented a practical and richly informative seminar.”
Lilys D. McCoy, San Diego, CA

“An absolutely amazing experience! It has improved my effectiveness as a lawyer, and my enjoyment of practicing.”
Colleen Murray, San Jose, CA

“3 Sisters not only gives you the tools, but lets you take them home with you so that you can implement the techniques immediately through written materials, etc. The usefulness does not end Sunday when the program ends.”
Paul Nathan, San Francisco, CA

“This was a supportive, uplifting, energizing seminar set in an environment of sun and fun – Palm Springs.”
Samantha Berryessa, Fallbrook, CA

“If you are a lawyer that thinks there must be a better way to persuade opposing counsel, judges, and juries, please attend a 3 Sisters program. You will learn concrete skills that you can use immediately to tell a richer story.”
Rick Ryczek, Lawrenceville, GA

“This experience was exceptional! I have worked with the ‘3 Sisters’ in the past at other workshops and knew that this Women’s Trial Boot Camp would exceed any expectations I could have had. And it did! Thanks!”
Gayle Tuch, NC

“This is an absolutely outstanding program for every lawyer who represents people – Don’t miss it!”
Peter Lomhoff, Oakland, CA

“This program is a must for women of all ages. There were women who attended who have been practicing 20+ years and some, like me, less than 2 years. We have all gotten so many things from the program that are invaluable. I made many special connections with the women who attended and will be able to call on them for help throughout the years. There were so many levels to each tool that I learned.”
Athena Boyer, Seattle, WA

“I am very happy I attended. I got more out of this experience than I imagined.”
Ben Dupre, Santa Clara, CA

“I would recommend this program for all young attorneys. It gives you the opportunity to get first hand experience in a supportive environment.”
Norma Nogueda, Arcadia, CA

“After my Trial Boot Camp experience, I feel more in touch with myself, more confident and ready to confront my court room fears to effectively tell my clients’ stories in their quest for justice and in all this, I do not have to be like anyone else – the power lies in the woman that I am!”
Soipan Tuya, Kenya, Africa

“The 3 Sisters will teach you how to be a better trial lawyer in a supportive and constructive environment. It is a wonderful program and you will never regret going.”
Shaffy Moeel, San Diego, CA

“This seminar showed me how much time and money I’ve been wasting by fumbling with finding the right stories to tell the jury. The 3 Sisters faculty really helped give structure to my storytelling efforts. This structure is essential to persuasion. Thank you!”

Dean Nasser, South Dakota

“This was the most amazing collection of women lawyers from all over the world, from every kind of practice, representing an age span of at least thirty-two years(28-63.) The teaching staff brought the most innovative training materials and concepts to us and created a judgment free, struggle free zone in which to learn how to be a better trial lawyer. What an amazing gift!”
Joyce Collier, PA

“After 20 years of trial practice, I needed a new view. Now I have it!
Bill Curtis, Dallas, TX

“Once you know your client’s story, you need to find the best way to tell the jury about it. At this seminar we learned the various ways that one story can be told, and how the story structure can be used before trial to more deeply understand your client, your witnesses, and your opponent’s witnesses. The instructors at this seminar are all gifted, creative and extremely talented lawyers who shared their knowledge in ways that made the learning fun. I would highly recommend this seminar to any trial lawyer who wants to do a better job of representing his or her client.
Cindy Smith, Missoula, MT

“Attending this program was one of the best things I have done for my professional career! Do it before you try another case.”
Joyce Collier, PA

“The faculty was superb! They made everyone comfortable with things that would otherwise be difficult. “
Leila Morgan, San Diego, CA

“I acquired numerous “tools” for my toolbox and I saw techniques/tools that I had never seen before.”
Leigh E. Johnson, CA

“An absolute must to make sure you are doing all you can to represent your clients.”
Julia Haus, San Diego, CA

“The faculty was so genuine and helpful. They were also insightful, entertaining and warm.”
Danielle Gilmore, San Francisco, CA

“The faculty is exceptional – creative, grounded, understanding and inspiring. It could not have been better.”
Suzanne Mindlin, San Diego, CA

“Joane, Fredi and Mary are a wonderful team of teachers. They gave me insights into how to stand in my discomfort and to be effective at the most difficult phases of trial: voir dire and cross-examination. A wonderful experience that I would recommend to any trial attorney I know.”
Christina Sherman, Seattle, WA

“I feel grateful to have been part of this tremendous learning experience. I will take away with me the great trial techniques, warm friendships, and dynamic sense of community I never really knew existed before.”
Melissa Odama, Seattle, WA

“A wonderful tool for unlocking the truth and sharing it.”
Marc Lenahan – Dallas, TX

“The 3 Sisters program is absolutely wonderful. I have been using psychodrama and related techniques in both civil and criminal practice since 2003 and this is one of the best programs I have attended. Lots of great real-life material that clearly works.”
Chuck Pekor – Atlanta, GA

“This is amazing stuff! There are so many ways to use the tools I’ve learned from the 3 Sisters. The skills I’ve learned from the course will help me cut right through the government witnesses professional presentations to reveal the humanity that underlies their testimony.”
Kevin Trombold – Seattle, WA

“This was my first experience with psychodrama and I can’t wait to see the 3 Sisters again, and again. This wonderful journey will reignite my 17 year old law practice and help guide me as a person.”
Kevin Trombold – Seattle, WA

“The Trial In Action Seminar brings the Trial In Action book to life and gives the practitioner real life solutions that can be applied to real cases and real people.”
Leigh Johnson – Richmond, CA

“You will get more than you have bargained for when you sign up.”
Mark Tseselsky – Arcadia, CA

“My eyes were opened to the amazing power of psychodrama. I am convinced that this tool will work to make me a better lawyer.”
Thomas Pleasant – Wilmington, NC

“The seminar Trial In Action served as a great introduction to applying psychodrama to trial work and is a solid refresher for those with a working knowledge of psychodrama. The 3 Sisters have made some innovative additions to the classic methods.”
Bill Clanton – San Antonio, TX

“This program is a powerful experience that will send you back to your office ready to take on the world.”
Chabli Hall – Houston, TX

“I had high expectations about this program and there were certainly fulfilled. This program is good for folks new to psychodrama as well as folks with lots of experience. The 3 Sisters did a great job!”
Bill Gerrans – Kinston, NC

“I am humbled by the experience of watching the 3 Sisters in action.”
Wendy Saxon, Ph.D. – Apple Valley, CA

“Having experienced this training, I will NEVER prepare a case for trial in the ‘old way’ again. This training gets you to the emotions which affected the parties and which will touch your jurors.”
Elaine M. Gordon – Durham, NC

“By attending a 3 Sisters workshop, you will learn more information about your client and his or her case, whether civil or criminal, than you ever imagined. You will benefit personally, but more importantly, your knowledge of your client and his or her case will benefit immensely.”
Jim Jenkins – Pensacola, FL

“One of the best programs I have attended to date on the fundamentals of psychodrama and its application for lawyers to develop and understand their clients. It provided a great outline on how to prepare for trial. A must for every lawyer.”
Marina-Thais Douenat, – Houston, TX

“The 3 Sisters programs are innovative, challenging and, frankly, fun. The program constantly updates the methods it teaches using the combined creativity of instructors and participants. This program will make your practice more productive and meaningful.”
Cindy Smith, Missoula, MT

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