The 3 Sisters are dedicated to helping people recognize and use their full potential employing various modalities such as psychodrama, sociometry, improvisation, story telling, Playback Theater, and other cutting-edge communication methods. We are committed to high ideals, particularly truth, justice and integrity. We pride ourselves in being innovators. Our guiding principle is to be open, attentive and responsive to our clients.

What people are saying about The 3 Sisters

“It was a valuable opportunity to meet talented lawyers from all over the country. Great
faculty, interesting course material, valuable hands-on exercises!”

– Linda Nakamura, Arcadia, CA

“If you struggle with giving shape, dimension, and order to your case story, I
recommend the Story workshop for improvement in that goal.”

– Maurice Abarr, Santa Ana, CA

“The Women’s Trial Boot Camp was a special experience. It provided a safe and nurturing environment to explore issues particular to women lawyers.”
– Linda Nakamura, Arcadia, CA

New Radio Interview

New Radio Interview

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